Puddle Jumping with Harper Rae

I have Harper every Tuesday, which makes for a lot of photography fun! Last week it was dumping rain so we decided to play outside!

The Driggars and Greenfield Kiddos

My cousins, Natalie and Brittney, both have the most hilarious little kids. I hope these pictures in some way capture all of their quirky, little personalities!

Family Fall Portraits//Thanksgiving 2016

My grandparents are┬áthe best grandparents in the known universe. They are some of my closest friends and I owe so much of who I am to who they are. They normally go south for the winter and miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this past year we did Thanksgiving early so we could be with them,…

The Lovely Fray

When I first got my camera, one of my dearest friends, Fray, came over and let me practice on her! Not hard to take photos of this lovely friend of mine. This lady emanates the beauty of someone who knows who she is in Jesus!