The Lovely Laylah

 Laylah and I found some adorable settings at Honey Suckle Beach in Hayden, Idaho. She may be one of the easiest people I have ever taken photos of, and we are so excited for her to bring baby Roman into the world this July! Definitely one of my favorite maternity shoots so far!

The Rouner Maternity Shoot

I had such a blast with Katie and Stephen today in Portland! It was a totally last minute shoot, and we just happened to be in Portland at the same time to make it happen! They are such a sweet couple and they are going to make the best parents! I hope that is obvious!

The Jones Maternity Shoot

After doing this lovely family’s photos last summer, they got pregnant with the darling Piper! This is our family maternity shoot we did in the snow a couple weeks ago. Their daughter, Summer, just really hates getting her photo taken so we just decided to fully embrace the two-year-old attitude and go for it! Get…

The Scammell Maternity Shoot

The Scammells are our dearest family friends. They are currently pregnant with their sixth baby and we could not be more excited! Their five daughters are all unique and lovely! We can’t wait to find out what the gender of the new baby is! How adorable are they??  

Haylee’s Baby Shower

This was such a beautiful day of sunshine and celebration of Fiona! I just love the ladies that we call sisters!

The Talbert Maternity Shoot

Again, the Talbert family and I had a wonderful time! I can’t get enough of Jude and those beautiful blue eyes!

The Powell Maternity Shoot

This pregnancy was a miracle pregnancy. Although this is not the place to share the detail of how much this baby was fought for, I just want to express how beautiful this shoot was because of that fact. Wendi and Kevin are simply lovely and I am so excited to shoot her birth in then…

Paige’s Maternity Shoot

HANDS DOWN my favorite maternity shoot of all time. Paige is an extremely talented hoolah-hoop dancer. We spent all day just playing around and taking photos with her little boy, Finn, who is also becoming quite proficient at hooping!

Holmes Maternity Shoot

Haylee and Thomas’ maternity pictures! I just adore them – and the pictures were fun, too.

The Clark Maternity Shoot

This is the Clark family and their precious baby bump, now known as Levi! We had so much fun during this session! We found out later that we illegally trespassed to take them (oops!) But, hey, we didn’t know! I would say it was worth it.

The Talbert Baby Announcement

This sweet family has been such a blessing to me! This was the first shoot I did of theirs, before I had any sort of photo-editing software. Even though these photos are rather amateur, I still love them! I have had the privilege of being able to do their family photos, maternity photos, baby photos,…

Cody and Lindsey’s Maternity Shoot

This was my very first photoshoot! Cody and Lindsey called and asked if I was willing to do photoshoots, something I had never thought to do. I had just bought a camera a few months prior, and always loved taking photos, but I had never thought to do shoot in a professional sense. As I…