Baby Hope

Sweet, little six pound baby Hope Palmer made her entrance into the world a little over a week ago! Renee and Cody, some of my dearest friends, are elated to welcome this precious lady into their home. Among many other distinctives, she has the longest fingers of any baby I have ever seen! Harper, her…

Melanie Grace

It was a pleasure to meet this sweet family and capture their first moments with their new baby girl, Melanie! It was especially adorable to shoot her big sister’s first glimpse and snuggles! Welcome to the world, little one!

Fiona the Blue Eyed Beauty

The most beautiful little niece of mine, Fiona, steals everyone’s heart with these big blue yes of hers! 

Baby Reagan

This sweet little girl starred in the birth photos I did six weeks ago! Her and her momma allowed me to do some photos of them this last week and I just fell in love with them!  

Puddle Jumping with Harper Rae

I have Harper every Tuesday, which makes for a lot of photography fun! Last week it was dumping rain so we decided to play outside!

Baby Piper

Welcome to the world, sweet Piper! It was such a joy to be present as this family of four became a family of five! A big thank you to the Jones family for letting me shoot this process!

The Driggars and Greenfield Kiddos

My cousins, Natalie and Brittney, both have the most hilarious little kids. I hope these pictures in some way capture all of their quirky, little personalities!

Baby ZaeLeigh

Baby ZaeLeigh is a total doll and I love taking photos of her and beautiful momma!

Baby Andi

Welcome to the world, baby Andi! The Talbert family has allowed me to shoot their baby announcements, maternity photos and family photos! It has truly been a blessing watching their family grow!

Holmes Christmas Shoot

I wasn’t lying when I said there would be more to come from miss Fiona and the Holmes! I just cant get enough of her sweet face!

Baby Izzibelle

Izzibelle is my darling cousin, Darian’s, baby girl. Darian and Adam have three other boys, so no doubt, this little princess will be spoiled!

Baby Fiona – Round 2

I promised that you would see more of Fiona, and here she is! Is she not one of the most beautiful babies you have ever seen? Every bit as wonderful as her parents.