County Londonderry, Northern Ireland // Summer 2018

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While staying on the boarder of Londonderry and Antrim, we drove to the Dark Hedges, made famous by the Game of Thrones apparently.  They are 245 year old Beech trees planted in an eerie row in the middle of the Irish countryside. Next, we hiked down another super steep basalt rock face to the Kilbane castle – a castle from the 16th century which is crumbling into the sea. Breathtaking! But my thighs and calves were definitely feeling it! We also hiked Torr head, the closest point on the island to Scotland (which you can see on clear days!). Then we toured Bushmills Whiskey Factory, as well as the little town surrounding it, which just happened to have a farmer’s market that day! Lastly, we hiked down the Giant’s Causeway – an absolutely stunning geographical wonder of over 60,000 basalt columns on the sea. Although on the more touristy side for our taste, these sites are well worth a stop on a tour of Northern Ireland!


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