Our final stop on our Moroccan tour was the little seaside, Spanish village of Assilah. This quaint town is known for its art, so there are amazing murals on all the walls of the Medina! Our airbnb was once again, wonderful, right on the edge of the sea, and had a stunning view of the sunset! This city had the coolest doors! Sorry for the overkill on door photos, but they are just so ascetically pleasing! I think I love this country so much because it is literally painted with my favorite colors (shades of blues and greens), and full of, you guessed it, KITTENS! We made a local friend, Abdule, who guided us around the small Medina for an afternoon. We also wandered through a very busy market and I could not stop clicking! I didn’t want to be obviously taking photos, so some of them aren’t perfectly straight, but enjoy the sites, sounds and smells of the farmer’s market! Funny how seaside villages are the same everywhere in the world in some way… so relaxed and laid back. Would definitely come back!DSC_0370 2DSC_0383 2DSC_0384DSC_0388 2DSC_0391 2DSC_0393DSC_0395 2DSC_0397 2DSC_0398 2DSC_0402 2DSC_0407 2DSC_0410DSC_0411 2DSC_0415 2DSC_0420DSC_0430DSC_0452 2DSC_0456 2DSC_0461 2DSC_0464 2DSC_0465DSC_0469 2DSC_0481 2DSC_0483DSC_0492DSC_0499 2DSC_0506 2DSC_0510 2DSC_0518DSC_0530DSC_0536 2DSC_0538DSC_0541 2DSC_0542 2DSC_0002 2DSC_0004 2DSC_0013 3DSC_0022 2DSC_0025 3DSC_0027DSC_0032 3DSC_0043 3DSC_0050 2DSC_0054 3DSC_0059DSC_0062 2DSC_0063 2DSC_0065 2DSC_0072 2DSC_0083 3DSC_0098 2DSC_0117DSC_0131 3DSC_0148 2DSC_0166DSC_0190 3DSC_0192 2DSC_0198 2DSC_0208 3DSC_0210 3DSC_0224 2DSC_0231 3DSC_0238DSC_0240 2DSC_0246 3DSC_0249 2DSC_0271DSC_0278 2DSC_0288 2DSC_0294 3DSC_0310 3DSC_0319 3DSC_0322DSC_0324DSC_0328 2DSC_0332 3DSC_0340 3DSC_0353 2DSC_0367 2DSC_0370 3DSC_0371DSC_0378 3DSC_0385 2DSC_0396DSC_0397 3DSC_0404 3DSC_0407 3

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