Tom and Jan’s Wedding // Summer 2017

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This beautiful backyard wedding took place this summer in the mountains of North Idaho. Although simple and small, it was absolutely overflowing with deep and precious love between these two precious people. I haven’t shot many weddings, but I was blessed to be present for this one!

DSC_0159DSC_0161DSC_0176DSC_0200DSC_0240DSC_0250DSC_0270DSC_0273DSC_0340DSC_0411DSC_0372DSC_0345DSC_0446DSC_0470DSC_0487DSC_0491DSC_0500DSC_0630DSC_0723DSC_0765DSC_0767DSC_0835DSC_0852DSC_0891DSC_0927DSC_0966DSC_0978DSC_0031 2DSC_0038 2DSC_0056DSC_0079DSC_0096 2DSC_0114DSC_0179 2DSC_0330DSC_0103DSC_0090DSC_0370 2

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