Palmer Maternity Shoot // Summer 2017

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You don’t have to convince me to take pictures of Harper and her adorable parents! I have the pleasure of being Harper’s auntie and a good friend of Renee and Cody. I know I have said this before, but this may be my favorite shoot I have ever done! I may be slightly obsessed with black and white!

DSC_0134DSC_0330DSC_0141DSC_0386 (1)DSC_0495DSC_0422

DSC_0269DSC_0231DSC_0007DSC_0729DSC_0448DSC_0337DSC_0353DSC_0695DSC_0408DSC_0588 (1)DSC_0640 (1)DSC_0452DSC_0418DSC_0029DSC_0488DSC_0781DSC_0715DSC_0593DSC_0691DSC_0521DSC_0599DSC_0366DSC_0535DSC_0409DSC_0523DSC_0298DSC_0200DSC_0261DSC_0190

DSC_0331 (1)DSC_0146DSC_0222 (1)DSC_0388

DSC_0291 (1)DSC_0520 (1)

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