Our second year of living in Burundi, East Africa. Again, I didn’t have a great camera – just my phone. So even  though they aren’t the best quality, and I truly cannot wait to return with the camera I have now, the moments captured I still think are beautiful!

img_5343-1img_3659img_2631img_2236dsc_0026dsc05141goat on a bike...I especially appreciate the american flag on the front :)img_3949img_4017img_5337-1img_5414img_5404img_5428img_5960-1img_6643img_6938p1010194img_6972img_6943img_7423img_6939img_7426img_6934img_5671-1img_5958img_6932img_6416-1img_5416img_6930img_6334img_5673-1img_5413img_5409img_5410img_5315-1img_4638img_4637img_5171img_4639img_4635img_4895img_3957img_3982img_4785img_4892img_3820img_3722img_4893img_3634img_3206img_2778img_2836img_2896img_3103img_3104img_3183img_2710img_2672img_2625img_2576img_2483img_2226img_2229img_2301img_2354img_2438img_2207img_2102img_2122img_2090img_1938img_0623dsc05115dsc_0342dsc_0043

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