I have always loved taking photos. Time is so fleeting, and our lives move so quickly. To be able to freeze time and capture special moments in life, as well as being able to share places in our beautiful world with others is something in which I find great joy! This site is dedicated to just that. Here you will find frozen-in-time moments in the lives of those I know and love. You will also be able to join me on our world adventures. God has given us the blessing of the ability to travel and live all over the world, which I realize is not a gift everyone has been given. Therefore, I love to share the places we have been with those who may never be able to go and see it for themselves.

Above all my photography is not just for myself and others, but it is For A Mission. To understand more of how my photography supports efforts to reach the world for Jesus, go to the “About FAM” section of this page. To explore my photography, visit “Photos,” or scroll down to the categories and choose for yourself where you would like to go.

Thank you for visiting!

Carley Serwat